Dutch Barracuda

My name is Dutch Barracuda.

I’ve worked in most consumer sectors, but the experience I’ve gained from the various projects I’ve been a part of, or taken on myself, are what I value most.¬†Performing in parks and having to shave off a beard between scenes, travelling across the country as part of the security for the 2012 Olympics, designing and creating websites for various independent artists, and I was in the fortunate position of being the Administrator of Toy Soldiers Unite, home to the Army of Toy Soldiers, a fantastic community of over 500 people from around the world hell bent on world domination through creativity, imagination and giant frigging robots.

My passions include building props, science fiction of all types, studying information technologies, and more adult topics such as BDSM. Although the general perception of the latter is still rather taboo in today’s society, I remain comfortable discussing it with anyone if they are interested or curious.