The Apocalypse

Well fuck. This one was bound to happen sooner or later really wasn’t it?
Honestly I had money on Trump or BoJo JoJo fucking us over, but instead just good old fashioned mother nature asking “How’s the immune system of yours doing?”

For those unaware, I live in a little seaside town of 58 thousand. Sounds like a lot but it’s mostly old folks. They wanted this town to be the Retirement Crown Jewel of the nation.
Well they’ve succeeded in that, and managed to create a place that’s ripe for COVID19 to decimate.

My own kin are alright, though my parental unit is very much at risk. Doing my best to provide her with supplies while maintaining her health and safety.

So the other part of this particular brand of apocalypse is that we’re in lockdown for the foreseeable future. Not to the point of being shot if we step out the door though. Still making trips to the supermarket, or going for a quick run along the beach (even better at night if I’m honest).

But work has dried up for pretty much everyone and it’s just wait and see till payday how that will fair. We’ve got more than enough time on our hands, and though there’s an urge to be super productive, I’m not going to let that get the better of me. Psychologically I intend to come out of this ordeal in one piece so I can be there for others.

Saying that, well, I’m updating my blog for the first time in gods knows how long. I pay money to keep this thing up and hosted after all, so I should make use of it.

I’ve updated my own Facebook page to feature more of my projects that I’ve made. 3D printed things, painted nerf guns, props, etc.

This isn’t a business for me. Or rather, I’m not intending to go full social influencer with the things I do. I’ve learned you don’t have to turn a hobby or passion into a business, especially if it sucks the fun out of it.

I’ll make what I like, and maybe do a commission here or there.