On reboots and remakes

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I’m guilty of this: Getting riled up when suggestions or plans emerge to reboot or remake a movie that’s considered a classic, perfect. Either side of that coin, for and against.

But I’m just taking a minute now to think.
How does a reboot actually affect the original? How does the newer Ghostbusters affect the original with Dan Akroyd & Bill Murray? The new live action Ghost In The Shell movie was terrible, but that doesn’t take away the shine from the 1995 version which had such a huge impact, does it?
Fox’s attempt at Rocky Horror gave me a new love for Ivy Levan for that gorgeous Science Fiction Double Feature rendition, but I still watch the Tim Curry like a man about to get ravished by him.

I think there IS an answer here, but it has less to do with the movies or Hollywood being unoriginal and more to do with us, the fans. Because when we’re a fan of something it’s because that movie, series, song, resonates with us in some way and we associate it with our identity. How many have been inspired by a movie to do something, to learn something, even just an element of our personality? Looking back on our lives, there was always a blockbuster we associate with a time in our life.
This is similar how politics and religion works. Being Christian, Atheist, Republican, Democrat, Labour, Tory, etc. etc. Because we associate ourselves, our identity with these… well they’re fandoms to a degree, whenever they are criticised or insulted, we feel it’s an insult to us, to our identity and we feel attacked.
We invest time and energy on becoming fans, even if it’s just having enjoyed the movie and bought the DVD and that’s it. We invest ourselves into a movie, and when a reboot comes along it feels to us like they’re saying “You don’t matter, what you love doesn’t matter, we’re wiping the slate clean including you, and doing it again.”
This also extends a bit to preserving something for others to enjoy, hoping that newer generations will love Batman the Animated Series like we did, or understand when we reference Don Corleone and do a Brando impression.

We feel attacked, but we’re not. Toby Maquire’s Spidey is still as available much as Tom Holland’s Spidey.
Bill and Dan’s Ghostbusters is still the classic we remember it. And the first Power Rangers Movie is still better than the reboot (despite that janky ass CGI).

So ya know what? Let them remake Princess Bride. Bring on Amazon’s LOTR. Let DC continue to make Batman movies with a origin story every goddamn time.
The originals are still there, on you shelf, on your hard drive, and fondly remembered in your mind.

/End (not so much) Rant