2019 begins

Two weeks into a new year, and I’m back to writing here.

Some updates that you may appreciate:

  • I was approached to start and run the Clacton-on-Sea Munch. A Munch is a social gathering in a regular setting like a bar, restaurant, cafe, pub, etc, for those part of an alternative sexual lifestyle. BDSM, fetishes, kinks, LGBTQ+, polyamory and more. It’s intended primarily as a get together in a relaxed setting, no fancy kink clothes, no sexual activities. Just food, drink and a chat.
  • I’ve started running. Generally I abhor cardio, but I have the urge to add ‘Able to run 5k’ to my skill set, so I downloaded Zombies, Run! onto my phone, and every other day I go running along the seafront. Usually at night, because it generates great atmosphere, and also because I generally hate being watched or seen exercising. Probably why I also don’t go to a gym.
  • Work has been going well. Next month I attend my second workshop for management training. Once I’ve completed the training I’ll be ‘put on the bench’. I’ll still have to go through the same process as others to apply for a management job with the company, but obviously with the training as backup it will increase my chances significantly.
  • Last week I had a cold, which paused my workout regime, but it also forced me to reset my sleep pattern. Before I was managing only 2 or 3 hours at a time, twice every 24 hours. Now I’m back to 6 and 2 hours. Having said that I think I nodded off for close to 18 yesterday.
  • Sleep and running is becoming more important to me. Winter and christmas has resulted in a podge that I am not fond off. What was troubling to me was this was the first time it was significantly noticeable. Coupled with a severe lack in stamina, I had no choice but to start running.
  • I’ve started putting together notes for a D&D campaign. World building is something I enjoyed immensely when I was writing fan fiction as a kid, and it’s been so long since I put pen to paper in any significant form.

There’s a lot of things from last year and before that haven’t panned out as I had wanted to. I didn’t get into voice acting, nor did I build a combination laser-cutter and 3D printer, though I did get an Ender 3 which has produced brilliant prints. I still haven’t learned to drive, nor have I got the finances to make a trip to Burning Man this year.

All in all, I’m alright with missing these goals. I tend to cast a wide net, specifically so that I succeed in one or two areas out of a dozen. Lacking the focus to sit on one thing for a prolonged period of time, means that like Cave Johnson, I throw science at a wall to see what sticks.

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