The Art of something something dark side….

This is just a little note to mark my progress and thoughts.

I’ve been reading Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. It’s long overdue as I remember watching her TEDtalk when it first came out 4 years ago and having my mind somewhat blown by it.

And now that I’m 43% through the book (thank you Kindle) I’ve started taking the time to take stock of myself, the things I have done, what I’ve participated in, and the things I have created, some of which featured on this blog that changes theme and layout like once a month.
I asked late last night, when my brain is probably at its most mushy, essentially what makes an artist, and if you don’t do anything original or just rehash things, are you still an artist? I could probably count myself as an artisan, according to my friend Martijn, and he’s probably right. I love working with my hands, I love making things, finding something terribly obscure or massively popular online, acquiring the components and putting it together.

I would like to be an artist. I would like to be a lot of things. Voice actor, engineer, astronaut (the 10 year old inside me never leaves), writer and entertainer. There are so many things I want to do and be, but never manage to be one at any given time.

I’m Dutch, I build robots, D&D cases, and am a BDSM enthusiast.

Hi, I’m Dutch, and that’s my self sufficient farm in a container, and tomorrow I’m writing about transferring our brains in to computers.

What’s that? Sorry, I can’t. I’m sitting at home playing with Lego before managing my friends website. Why yes, that is Atomic Girl.

Variety is the spice of life, but shit it can be inconsistent.

I’m not sure if I’m an artist or not. Maybe I shouldn’t care about it, but it helps to know for certain when I do blog posts, marketing myself, self branding and trying to figure out what to do in this world (not my place in the world though).


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