Burning Man or Bust

bculliton0 / Pixabay

For the longest of times I’ve been fascinated by the event known as Burning Man.
It’s an unbelievably unique event that takes place every year in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. That’s right. A desert. Or to be more exact, playa.

Every year, 70,000 people descend upon this lifeless area, and turn it into actual city, with it’s own frigging airport no less.

And for a whole week it’s a party, a spiritual experience, an art exhibition and a mind altering phenomenon that is even attended by Silicon Valley types like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg (not a fan of him).

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with Burning Man, I haven’t been yet. Without a doubt I want to experience it, I want to meet the people from every walk of life that come together. It would be easy to dismiss it as simply a hippy event, with drugs shared freely and free-love and all that, but I can assure you it isn’t.

From what I’ve been told the atmosphere generated is common to many group events that evoke a sense of togetherness and mutual love for something. Celebrating your football teams win with the rest of the fans, gushing over a movie with friends, cosplay meetups, weddings and honeymoons. Just imagine those moments of pure ecstasy and joy you feel during times like that, amp it up to eleven, and then extend it from just a few hours to a whole week.

Next year, 2018, I’m making it my goal to go, and hopefully I wont be going alone as there are several friends and loved ones who wish to experience what Burning Man has to offer as well.

Admittedly it’s not cheap. Tickets cost between $490 to $1200, and that’s just entrance. You still have to travel there, not to mention the supplies you’re going to require for staying in a lifeless desert for a whole week. Shelter, food, water, (yes you need to bring your own water), clothing, etc.

And you can’t just dump that shit when you’re done, as one of the founding principles of Burning Man is to leave NO TRACE. So when it’s all over you leave with all your rubbish and nothing should be left behind other than tire tracks on the ground.

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