What If? A stream setup idea

pashminu / Pixabay

Tonight my mind has decided to focus on a What If scenario.

And this What If scenario entails, “What if I was setting up a multi-camera stream for a mini-studio like game to be broadcast?” which led to me thinking of particular elements required.

  • Multiple cameras of decent quality. USB, HDMI, and even SDI.
  • How to capture at least 3 different cameras.
  • Software required.
  • And the studio setup itself, props and table.

In the past year its become obvious that streaming has become a far more interactive method of talking with a community, or even building one. And then there’s the show that I’ve spent the last 6 months immersed in, Critical Role.

And while everyone is trying to figure out the creatures, the rolls, the stats and the characters, I’ve been utterly mundane and sat there thinking…. “How did they setup the cameras and microphones?”

Now, I’m by no means a media or production qualified individual, hell it’s not even a hobby. I got an entry model DSLR camera and even that I fuck up with. Nor have I any intention of going full studio quality as if I’m a production company.

But considering my budget, which is virtually nil, and the resources at my disposal, this is how I’d go about it if I were doing a Critical Role style stream.

First, get three Microsoft Lifecam Studio cameras and three half decent USB microphones. USB has a maximum length of 5 meters before the signal gives up, so the capture box or machine would probably have to be under the table, which leads to the next part.

The table has to be square, with one corner cut off for the DM (rather like a baseball field?) and the players would be on two sides opposite, like an L shape. Opposite the two player sides would be a Lifecam and microphone aimed at them. In the centre of the L, would be the third Lifecam aimed at the DM.

So, everyone can see the players, the DM, the cameras and microphones are hidden, etc.

Now, assuming this is a one man crew situation, the DM could have the PC setup beside him allowing him control of the stream, the chat, etc.

And that’s as far as my brain has gotten on this. I can’t tell you what inspired my current train of thought, as it may be for a project in the future or not. Usually saying that is enough to doom it, like many others, but we’ll see.

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