Late blossoming nerddom

SaeKawaii / Pixabay

It has been abundantly clear over the past 10 years that Nerddom and Geekdom are finally taking their place in the mainstream and are losing the stigma it was once associated with. Dungeons & Dragons, gaming, fandoms, sci-fi and fantasy, etc.

It’s glorious. These adventures, these stories, these creations that are coming from the minds of millions are entertaining and enthralling. And with them come the stories of childhoods and growing up with high schools and colleges. About playing D&D for over 20 years, or the weekly comic shop trip to pick up a ton of issues of something. The stories of being¬†ostracized but finding your place and it’s better than you could’ve imagined.

Along side these are the artists and creators. Magnificent stories of their individualism as they were growing up, and finally gaining the recognition they deserve for their art, for their imagination. It’s absolute brilliant that these things are happening.


I don’t have any of those stories. I was a fairly nerdy kid, yeah. Collected rocks, read a few books or so. Only comics I read were Suske & Wiske, Asterix, the occasional Donald Duck. Wasn’t particularly interested in art. Never really interested by board games or table tops. I wasn’t a gamer like others, except for the NES and SNES, and even then marginally.

And that’s pretty much carried on for the past 30 years. I like these things, I love other things, but I rarely seem to be able to exude the same passion for anything like others. Nor am I able to maintain an interest for particularly long. A month or two, sure, but everything seems to just peter off at some point.

I envy my fellow geeks and nerds, for their childhoods, for their glorious love and passion in their interests.

D&D has become a huge thing now, or I’ve just stumbled upon the fandom, and it never held much interest to me till a few months ago. And even now I still haven’t played it, yet I’ve acquired all the books (shush, I know where to find anything on the internet).

I’m not a newb to these things. And maybe I’m fixating on those that are at the forefront of this geek renaissance, their masterful skill of speaking for the disenfranchised. There are millions upon millions out there who don’t articulate their passions as well, but it’s still there.

How do I feel about it all? I love this divergence of geekdom into the mainstream, but I envy those involved. Because to this day, I’m not convinced I’ve found my passion or if I even have one. Just as I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of None, I believe I’m also a Jack of All Passions, Master of None, which makes me a little sad.

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