Why I’m bored of Youtube’s Trending

geralt / Pixabay

So for a good three or four years now I’ve given up on regular TV. No FreeSat, no cable, and barely any On Demand stuff. I used to be fine paying my TV license simply for having a season of Dr. Who from the BBC once a year, but considering Moffats production and writing skills deserve to be buried deep within the earths crust, I’ve added myself to the “No TV” list.

Anything and everything I want to watch is available online, be it through legal or less than legal means. Everything. I don’t even sit down in front of the TV anywhere. Put it in the kids room, and she doesn’t watch anything other than what she downloads as well or Youtube.

I love Youtube. I really do. It’s been the cause of huge changes in the internet, and how people absorb their media.

But I fucking hate that damn Trending page. Because it’s entirely hogged by artificially inseminated viral videos that have almost no entertainment value whatsoever. They’re boring as hell. “50 Donut Challenge”, “Why Gerard Butler doesn’t get many movie offers anymore”, “I do my boyfriends brothers makeup.”

What is this shit?

Alright fine, I know it’s a combination of algorithms and paid for advertising. It’s google after all. But the clickbaity’ness of it all is as obvious as the corruption of American politicians. They don’t even bother to try and hide it.

And on another note, the Home/Recommended page? All stuff I’ve seen already, maybe once a week there’s something new.

Right, that’s my old man rant done and over with. I’m going to binge watch a show now, on Youtube, that was recommended to me by people, and not some shitty algorithm.


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